Skin Checks / FotoFinder Full Body Photography

Skin Checks / FotoFinder Full Body Photography


A dermatologist is the best qualified physician to do regular skin checks and monitor high risk patients for skin cancers, dysplastic naevi (moles) and melanoma.


Dermoscopy is used to assist in clinical examinations. Dermoscopy is an in vivo noninvasive diagnostic technique that magnifies the skin in such a way that colour and structure in the epidermis, dermo-epidermal junction, and papillary dermis becomes visible. This colour and structure cannot be seen with the naked eye. With training and experience, dermoscopy has been shown to significantly increase the clinical diagnosis of melanocytic, non-melanocytic, benign and malignant skin lesions with a 10-27% improvement in the diagnosis of melanoma compared to that achieved by clinical examination alone.

We use a FotoFinder body studio ATBM system to do Total Body Photography. Total Body Photography is intended to assist proactive management of your melanoma risk by a complete photographic record of your skin and moles. It assist in diagnosing melanoma at the earliest possible stage, by identifying new melanocytic lesions or change in pre-existing melanocytic lesions.

When you return for the comparison photos in 6 – 12 months’ time, the sophisticated software of our FotoFinder system compares all your photos and assist in identifying any new moles or changes to moles already on your body.

Total Body Photography is particularly useful for individuals who have:

  • Many moles (more than 50–100)
  • Dysplastic or atypical naevi — moles that are large, unusual colour(s) or shapes
  • Moles on the back, which may be difficult to keep an eye on
  • Previous history of melanoma
  • Strong family history of melanoma
  • Fair skin that has been severely or repeatedly sunburned
  • Concerns about individual moles or freckles, for example because of their appearance or recent change.
Fotofinder - Assist proactive management of your melanoma risk
Fotofinder Full Body Photography - Complete photographic record of your skin and moles
Skin checks and FotoFinder - Diagnosing melanoma at the earliest possible stage

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